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I first heard about the profound amount of injustice in the world through a video at Catalyst, an annual leadership conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, and here I sit in NYC because of the initial impact of that video. Media is compelling; it’s so accessible and widespread, yet mass media often ignores the stories of those who live on the fringes of society. Here you will find recent articles, videos, and music that report on the stories and victories of the poor from various angles– Enjoy!

Does slavery still exist? — Gary Haugen, CEO & Founder of IJM

Watch the Story of Suhana on IJM’s You Tube Channel. It’s worth all 12 minutes!

International Justice Mission – Website : Read about IJM’s work and how you can get involved here.

In the News: Largest Operation in the history of IJM in late April of 2011 – CNN coverage of 500+ freed from bonded labor

IJM’s Facebook Page  – “Like” their page and check for updates on Facebook!

Undercover Footage of Sex Trafficking : “Those of us who live in freedom are responsible for those who don’t.”

Pay $2 to watch this 20 minute film, Kavi the Movie , to see bonded labor from a child’s perspective. It’s such an accurate portrayal of how owners intentionally abuse their power through deceit and false promises to exploit the poor.  It’s a must-see film!

Jesus’ entitlements and benefits: Matthew 10:1-16 Justice Comes in the Evening — in the Huffington Post.

Sarah Groves’ new cover on the work of International Justice Mission and the need to be “in it for the long haul” to serve the marginalized, Watch Eyes on the Prize. Also, listen to the story behind the song.

Google Donates Millions To Fight Slavery — “The bulk of the donation, $8 million, will go to two coalitions led by IJM in India, with about half going toward direct intervention and government-led rescue operations, and half toward advocacy and awareness projects.”

Bangalore: Begging racket busted, 300 kids rescued –“The police are yet to nab the masterminds, but say they have video evidence of close to 1100 children being forced to beg by suspected traffickers on the streets of Bangalore.”

Google Gives Back: Fighting modern day slavery and human trafficking —YouTube Video

Hear from Raman, a third generation bonded laborer, who was interviewed to inspire 1000s of college age people at Passion 2012 to be active in the fight against injustice. Revel in this 37 minute film.


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