99 Degrees & Counting

I hope you took the time to watch the CNN link I included in the last post. They did a great job clearly communicating the collaborative relationship has with the local government. Check it out if you haven’t. It’s in the post titled “What is Bonded Labor?”

Saturday I went to the Bay of Bengal with interns and some  legal interns from another office met us there for the day since they were attending a traditional Hindu wedding near our city that night. It’s at a luxurious place like this beach that you’ll find other westerners, along with vacationing Europeans and some Japanese people. Imagine this: light brown sand, palm trees shading you along with some huts to sit beneath and free-flowing hammocks tied between the palm trees. That picture you have in your head barely encapsulates the aesthetics of this place. To help, I’ve included some pictures. The resort also has a swimming pool and American food. It’ doesn’t get much better than this folks. 😉 By looking at the waves you can tell the ocean is much deeper here than it is in Alabama or northern Florida beaches. You gotta venture out of the gulf of mexico to get some real waves; commonsense, I guess.

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Unfortunately that evening I began to have a mild dry cough that has turned into a full blown infection. Some of you will find it humorous that now that I have health insurance I am sick when I haven’t been sick in 8 years–except a few instances of dehydration–that doesn’t count in my book since I didn’t need medical assistance. When I was a bit younger I often had fainting spells because of the heat. It was always humorous after the matter. In 5th grade I remember asking my softball coach if I could have water instead of a popsicle after practice and he would say, “Sit down. We’re going to talk first and then you can get some water.” When I sat down, I slowly faded and down I went in the dugout. So, when I began coughing my first thought was “I’m severely dehydrated” but the next morning I awoke with a fever, chills, soreness all over my body, headaches, extreme fatigue, and a dry mouth. Talk about feeling miserable- gee whiz. All day I self-medicated with pain relievers, vitamins, and antihistamines – still thinking I was severely dehydrated after self-diagnosing on WebMd. A friend kindly wrote me, “Dehydration does not cause fever darling. Get thee to the physician.” Haha. But I am slightly stubborn and decided to wait it out since I didn’t have an upset stomach or a wet cough- still thinking “oh, I’m just dehydrated… I go through this once every couple of years.” I took my oral rehydration salts and downed some sports drinks, and for whatever reason, maybe the medically-savvy people can help me out here, once my body was rehydrated, my cough worsened and now I most certainly have an infection. These symptoms have taken my body on a very confusing rollercoaster but I went to the doctor  and he confirmed that I have a viral infection.

Now it is the end of the week and I have taken 2 sick days out of the first 5 days of work. Pitiful, right? Good thing I have an unlimited number of sick days. Come to find out, half of my department has an infection too along with several other employees. They’re used to this around here. After confessing how terrible I felt for getting sick even though I couldn’t control it, she reassured me that a lot of people get sick when they first arrive. I keep telling myself, “Be gracious to yourself, Neesha.” 


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